President’s Notes

FFRF – Valley of the Sun Chapter – President’s Notes – October 2020

In this note I’m asking you to consider volunteering to serve on the FFRF – Valley of the Sun Chapter Board of Directors.  You can read the history of this organization under the “About” tab on our webpage.  Many people have stepped up over the past several years to help the Valley of the Sun Chapter establish itself.  But today, like so many groups in the age of Covid 19, we are short on help.  If you have a little time and any of the needed skills, your help will make a big difference.

I believe that having an FFRF presence in Arizona is important.  If someone is a “believer”, they have no trouble finding a thousand different flavors of religious communities to join.  But, for those of us who find truth in science, there are far fewer opportunities.  What is unique about FFRF is the focus on making sure that children who put their trust in science are not humiliated in their public-school experience.  We provide community for those who want to make sure that church does not take over the state.

If you’ve never served on a board before, you should know that it does take some time; usually not more than three or four hours a week.  The skills that make a board effective are the same as those that make any business successful.  The hardest to find are people with good accounting skills.  Keeping the financial records is essential.  Next is people who know how to throw a party.  Planning fun and engaging events is what makes participants want to come back.  Some people come to the board with good management skills and the ability to develop plans.  Finding someone who is good at fundraising is a must.  Once in a while you’ll see a volunteer who wants to do a “drive-by” (come in, tell everybody else what to do and then leave).  Drive-bys are not really helpful.  We need board members who are willing to roll up their sleeves and, if necessary, “get dirty”.  What skills can you contribute – IT expertise, Social Media, manning a booth?  We’re a good group and we’d love to have you work with us.

The e-mail for the FFRF – Valley of the Sun Chapter is  Contact us if you are passionate about making this group a success.

Thanks.      Philip Lentz,  Chapter President